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Here, at Kaffe Havn, we roast only the finest quality of beans available; Grade 1 Specialty Arabica. We choose these from various regions around the globe based on seasonal quality, availability and desired cup characteristics. Each bag of coffee is hand crafted in a micro batch roaster to allow the fine tuning needed for a great cup of coffee. Read More

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6 months ago
Portage Brewing Company


If there was anything we’d publicly admit liking more than beer, it’d be coffee. Coffee that brings you into each day, within a favored brewing ritual, with complex flavors to spike your ... See more

10 months ago

☕️My cup is full! This is why we roast coffee!👇🏼
#localcoffee #Mentalhealthawareness #myheartishappy

11 months ago

🍺From the first time you met with us to chat about your future brewery plans, to brainstorming the perfect bean for our collaborations your passion was intoxicating! We have been blown away by ... See more

11 months ago
Portage Brewing Company


You awake? If not, get your gourd a can of this. Sure to wake you up with 200 ounces of super charged coffee, Double Coffeecake is hitting shelves this week. A fairly burlier version of our flagship ... See more

12 months ago

Giveaway winner

12 months ago
Portage Brewing Company

👀Check out what our fabulous friends are up to!! 🤤

Sneak peek 👁: The month of our favorite brewing adjunct is upon us, COFFEE. Oh yeah, throughout the month, we’ll be sending you two coffeecake inspired beers, all made with our locally designed ... See more

1 year ago

🌲 With the holidays right around the corner our coffee makes a great $10 gift!

👉🏼 Enter for your chance to win👈🏼
⭐️2 bags of freshly micro roasted ... See more

1 year ago
Vote For Minnesota’s Best Small Town

✅Vote for Walker! Best small Town!!! ❤️

The Danish concept of "Hygge" stresses coziness, comfort and contentment.

1 year ago
Portage Brewing Company

☕️Thanks to Our friends Portage Brewing Company for the shout out!! You guys are truly top notch! 👏🏼 We love what you do for our little community and your AMAZING beer!!! 🍺 We love ... See more

RELEASE ALERT 🍺🚨: Most people aren’t aware of the story behind our first recipe, Coffeecake Blonde Ale, and the coffee that goes into it. This bean and roast is custom to us, and comes from ... See more

1 year ago

🍁Fall has officially arrived in Northern Minnesota...and we are loving it!🍂
☕️It is the perfect day to grab a warm cup of happy and explore outside!!!☕️

#northernmn #itsfallyall ... See more

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